Swimming pools

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Why choose Leisure Pools?

Leisure pools cube

Leisure Pools gives a lifetime guarantee!

Leisure Pools guarantees your swimming pool structure and structure damage due to osmosis.

Only the best materials!

The Full Epoxy Vinylester construction guarantees your swimming pool for generations.
Your swimming pool is fully reinforced with Kevlar®, Carbon and Basalt fibers for unprecedented strength: the Composite Armor TM Nuplex industries provides a colourfast and antibacterial interior for your swimming pool.
The Core mat® nano insulation ensures a warm swimming pool within budget.

Innovation for your comfort!

The self-cleaning roller shutter bin is a unique system of leisure pools and saves you a tedious job and limits the use of chemicals in your swimming pool.


A swimming pool in harmony with your project. Affordable, sleek, elongated, space-saving and very modern.
With these ingredients, Leisure Pools designed a swimming pool that meets the needs of modern people with taste.
While one swims laps, the other watches from the plague that runs all over the width, enjoying a drink...

Available in the following lengths : 5m /6m / 7m / 8m / 9m / 10m and 11m on beam 3.30m, with flat bottom of depth 1.50m.